About Us

Birth Bonds is a unique platform for individuals and corporates that includes the 4Ps – Preconception care, Prenatal education, Postpartum support and Parenting. We offer an opportunity to families, to collect information in diverse ways, explore it and find what works best for them and their children. Birth Bonds is a mix of human-centred and technology solutions that benefits individuals and businesses.

We understand that a major concern for corporates is the attrition among women employees post maternity which is close to 56%. Corporates can help employees by creating a family-focused environment that supports them through their journey of childbearing and rearing.

BirthBonds is easy to implement and gives a chance to the organisations to show that they care for business, for the people and for the future generation.

Key Features

  • Wide variety of information around conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting through our portal My Child First (www.mychildfirst.com).
  • The information is delivered in small digestible video packets and these are backed with articles and research where ever necessary.
  • Host a range of webinars and Q&A forums.
  • Provide an opportunity for face to face interactions wherein a person gets a chance to ask questions, clear doubts and personalise the information to her/his situation.
  • A series of courses on the platform to integrate the information, and arrive at a place where you can respond to life especially in your reproductive journey of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.
  • A personalised dashboard to the employees based on their selected journey.
  • A backend dashboard to the employer to add their custom information, policies etc. and also track the completion of courses by employees.
  • The employees also have an option to e-connect with Lactation Consultant pre or post-pregnancy.

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